Kick Rocks

by False Punk

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released August 20, 2014

engineered by christian



all rights reserved


False Punk Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: The World Fell Out of A Hole in My Pocket
Running late, going nowhere.
Revolving around my problems.
Ace of Spades shooting blanks, accelerating downward.
Tried to make mistakes just so I could solve them.
I'm running out of breath but no one hears me talking.


Squawk squawk squawk everyone is gawking.
Fuck Fuck Fuck I'm running out of coffee.

One small step for garbage, one giant leap for trashcans.
One foot forward the other stuck in quicksand.
High on the supply with an utter lack of demand.
Can someone please tell me what's the plan?

I've got problems, you've got problems, we've got problems, they've got problems, well, go solve them.
Track Name: Waking Up Sucks
I'm still so tired, I slept all night without a fight.
In my dreams I was sleeping like a rock.
Battery's dead but my mind works like a clock.
Still this morning my bright eyes are sealing shut.

Life is just a waste of time when sleep is all that's on your mind.
Getting to sleep is rough enough, but waking up fucking sucks.

You snooze you lose.
Life is death's cruise.
To live for never or sleep forever I can't choose.

Eat, Sleep, Shit, Sink. Living life on repeat down in the gutter. UGH.
Track Name: Oppressor
I don't know who wrote this book and I don't care who sang that song it's nothing good to fall upon, It's no one who I follow along.

Don't tell me what you believe, tell me what you know.

You forge your own morals from the shit that you borrow, taking for granted all the tomorrows.
Forcing a constant apology, pressing your guilt on all that you see.
Well, all those fingers that you pointed are flipping birds back at you.

Pushing your pushing pushing too hard. Oppressor your pressure is getting on my nerves
Track Name: Monotonous Monopoly
I read your journal everyday even when I knew that I wouldn't find anything new about you.

Somethings I've seen make me rip out my eyes.
Heavy burdens hanging out in my mind.
It's nothing but memory.
I don't wanna be lobotomized.
I don't gotta sleep through the night when I see through you.


Around every corner a fistful of sorrows, bleeding machines as deep as the sea.
Can someone please end this monopoly?
Drowning in piles of nothing.

I just had to rip out my eyes for a shred of memory.
I don't want to say it's true, I just don't believe you.

I don't wanna be anything but me, I don't believe all the shit I see
Track Name: Kick Rocks
Hop off your high horse, pack your bags, kick rocks. Kicks rocks.

We drug you along, you made it here fine.
Climbed on the back of something you can't define.
Cared more about style and less about substance.
You live in denial while you're passing that judgment

Brick in the wall, stick in the mud, hole in the floor, and I am nothing.

Living a lie, sliding along.
Say anything to make it feel wrong.
All your opinions a little more vague.
Keep flapping your gums anyway.

We know who's who we don't need you.

Building, building, building, building your walls.
We're smashing, smashing, smashing it all.
Track Name: Wage-slave Complacency
I had to work all day, nothing much else to say.
No time to celebrate, nothing alleviates.
All I really wanna do is smoke a fucking spliff.
It's burning under water, it couldn't get much hotter.
I'm soaking wet I'm burning up.
Stuck in the dishpit.
Kitchen shift kitchen shift kitchen shift kitchen shift shift shift shift shift shift.

Working toward a better day.
Wage-slave complacency.

How was work? Work was good

Kitchen shift dishpit hard to say what I think I dont care what I think tried to find a better way I just gotta work all dayyyyyyyy.